10 Of The Craziest Adult-Only Attractions And Theme Parks

10 Of The Craziest Adult-Only Attractions And Theme Parks

Amora, London

Museums are all about education and learning, but Amora is nothing like the museums you’ve been to in school. Amora is known as the ‘Academy of Sex’, and much like an erotica museum.

Most of their exhibits are interactive and…; with a lack of word for it…; ‘hands on’. You can learn more about sex, talk to a sex therapist, and even have a spank-o-meter! This place will help you find the erogenous zones via interactive sculptures, improve your kissing ability, learn to play erotic games and more. Amora ran for more than a year in 2007 and was located in Piccadilly Circus, London. Too bad it’s no longer running!

Jeju Loveland, South Korea

South Korea boasts an erotic mark just 10 minutes away from Korea’s Jeju International Airport. Here, you can find 140 different works of art, all on sex. The park was founded in 2004 by a group of local art students in Seoul who designed the sculptures in order to ‘highlight natural beauty of sexuality’.

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