20 Zero Calorie Foods to Help You Slim Down


You likely already know about calorie deficit foods – the foods so low in calories that you may just burn them off with energy it takes to chew them. Celery and watermelon are well known in this category, but many may not know that oranges, mushrooms, and other super tasty fruits and vegetables make the list as well. It might not be practical to make a diet that consisted only of these foods, but if you incorporated them into a balanced meal plan, you’d have the comfort of knowing that you had side dishes and snacks that didn’t add to your daily total.

What’s even greater about these foods is the added benefits they offer. Many have anti-cancer properties, lower your risk of heart disease, and in the immediate, they boost metabolism and other fat-fighting bodily processes too. The article at the link below outlines the bonus attributes of each one of the 20 best calorie deficit foods, so click it and learn more!

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