3 Weird Ways To Break Out Of The Friend Zone

pagafantas_camaI wanted to share something brand new with you today…

My good friend Chris Sixty just came up with this weird little trick that turns any woman on, even if right now shes NOT attracted to you at all.

He calls it The Friend Bomb (I just call it genius) Youre really going to want to take good notes, because this is a complete game changer!

In all my years of coaching, the question I probably get most is…

Hey Chris, how can I meet more women?

Which is funny because you probably already know a potential gold mine of attractive women you could hook up with tonight. Without ever having to approach a stranger or worse, risk rejection. Think about it.

That cute girl at Starbucks. The sexy bartender from your favorite sports bar. Familiar faces at school, work or even the gym.

And we all have our secret crushes on certain female friends and girls we see around. Beautiful women we would bang in a heartbeat if we only knew how to become more than just her friend.

So whats really holding us back from creating this never ending supply of hot and sexy women that we can hook up with on demand?

Well, I have the answer and its probably going to shock you, you ready for it? These women didnt put you into the friend zone, you put yourself into the friend zone.

Feeling confused? Let me explain…

You see, us guys are a pretty simple bunch. We really just have 2 MAIN needs.

The need to bang chicks and the need to get a girlfriend. (Lets call them need #1 and need #2). The problem is, these 2 completely opposite needs are constantly battling each other to be first in our minds.

Its like a UFC cage match between the guy who wants to get a quick BJ in the bathroom and the guy who wants to make a mixed-tape called Love Songs for Anna, and there can only be one winner.

Okay, raise your hand if youve experienced this…You get introduced to a really cute girl at a party and immediately start fantasizing about what it would be like to sleep with her. Maybe you picture a naughty scene going down in your bedroom or just pulling her into the bathroom for a quickie…

See when you first meet an attractive girl and shes kinda flirting with you, it makes you feel EXCITED, and when youre feeling that LUST, she cant help but pick up on that vibe too…. and then she gets aroused.

But what happens when you get to know more about this girl and you start to develop feelings for her?

Yep, all of a sudden youre talking about puppy dogs and rainbows. And making plans to go get ice cream. You avoid seductive eye contact, stand way too far away and make that Im just so damn happy to be talking to you face.

Somehow you forgot all about banging her and instead you try to make her your girlfriend, and just like how women can pick up on your lustful vibe, they can just as easily sniff out the needy vibe.

If she even feels for one second that youre developing a girlfriend crush on her, before you guys have even kissed, then you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than ever seeing her naked.

And this is how everyday, millions of guys all around the world find themselves in the friend zone, with girls they easily could have banged. Now before you go getting all depressed, I actually have some really good news.

Because you were the one who put yourself into this situation, it also means you can get yourself out…Anytime you want.

So what can you do to turn back the clock and get this girl desiring you again, so you can get her into bed in the next 24 hours?

Well, the good news is, I just put up a short video that shows you how to turn any woman you want back on, just by asking her a simple question.

I call this trick, The Friend Bomb because it completely erases her old memories of you as the nice guy who didnt make a move and replaces it with panty soaked lust, where she cant help but lay in bed devising ways to hook up with you.

All you do is slip The Friend Bomb into any casual conversation and her attraction for you gets re-ignited. And then youre right back in the game. Its like a flipping switch (only easier)!

And the best part is, there is nothing special you need to say to pull this off. In fact, The Friend Bomb is completely invisible so she wont have a clue of what youre up to.

Which as you know, is very important for hooking up with your sexy female friends and the HOT women you work with. In fact, no woman is safe, once you know this secret…

Discover The Secret that turns ANY woman ON (sneaky as hell), Stay Thirsty My Friends!

P.S. Just a quick warning, Ive had guys email me to brag they got laid literally hours after learning this trick!

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