4 Signs That Shes Really Into You

img_sexoWhether youre in high school or a 30-year-old bachelor, you probably dont really understand the mysterious goings on of the female mind, and find it really hard to figure out whether that girl youre crushing on actually likes you or not. Lots of guys find it hard to discern romantic interest, oblivious to the obvious signs. Here are a few signs that the woman youre into is interested in you:

1. The Laugh

Laughing a lot is an instinctive human behavior and tool for social bonding that shows someone is comfortable in your presence. Its very deep. For your purposes, its a very good sign.

2. The Touch

Touching is a subconscious sign of connection. If a woman youre flirting with touches you, even if its just a hand on your arm, take it as a sign of her interest. The physical conversation and body language between two people is often very telling; much more than verbal communication. When was the last time you touched an acquaintance you couldnt stand?

3. The Linger

If you notice your female friend staying in your presence for an extra few minutes, hours, or going out of her way to hang around, you can be sure theres a reason for it. If she chooses to be with you instead of other friends, or lingers at the end of a spontaneous meeting, take notice.

4. The Unveil

While a discussion of sex or other guys is usually a bad sign, even an indication of friend zone status, actions or subjects that a girl makes you privy to, that she would usually keep private, could indicate that she feels very close to you. This could be a primp of the hair, request for help, or sharing of intimate information.

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