4 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

mascot_soccer400Have you ever had a dream of quitting your current, boring job and joining the circus? Do you wish that you had some exotic profession that sets you apart from all of your friends?

This fun list of four weird jobs that come with good salaries could help you choose your next career move:

1. Medical tattooist

After a person undergoes surgery, they very often go to a medical tattooist in order to disguise unsightly scars. After learning and becoming familiar with the methods and equipment, you can moonlight as a normal tattoo artist.

2. Embalmer

Remember the 5th grade class about Egyptian mummies? Well, it turns out that people still request to be embalmed when they die. People who want an open-casket funeral or a delayed funeral, or simply dont like the idea of underground decay will use your highly specialized services, and pay you up to $60,000 a year for them.

3. Dog psychologist

This job is perhaps more respectably titled veterinary behaviorist. Basically, these folks observe unusual behavior in dogs, diagnose the underlying causes, and then treat them. These days, with pet owners willing to spend top dollar for their top dogs, treatments can include massage, visual therapy and even human medications like Xanax and Ritalin.

4. Team mascot

You know them: the guys who run around fields and courts at halftime in outrageous getups. Although some job risks include heat stroke and aggression from drunken or angry fans, you get to travel around the country with major sports stars. NBA mascots have been reported to make around $200,000 a year, well worth a little heat stroke.

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