5 Jobs for Those With a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion in the US

Being a religious person doesn’t necessarily make you very knowledgeable about religion. If you want to gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the various religions of the world and enrich your religious faith, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in religion or religious studies. Upon graduation, you can become a member of the clergy, or pursue careers in fields such as education, social services and journalism.

Before describing some of the jobs this degree can land you, here are examples of universities offering it:

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1. Chaplain

Chaplains are members of the clergy who practice in a wide variety of settings, ranging from healthcare facilities and learning intuitions to cruise ships and the military. Their job is to provide pastoral care to the residents or occupants of these settings. They organize worship services where they deliver sermons, provide life counseling to those in need and facilitate the celebration of various religious festivals.

Salary: $45,492 (Payscale)

2. Evangelist

Evangelism is all about preaching the gospel with the aim of converting believers of other religions to the Christian faith. As a beginning evangelist, you will work at local churches, where you will preach to the local population. At the peak of your career, you may travel the world, spreading the Christian faith in various countries. You may even advance to become a televangelist, ministering the gospel through TV broadcasts.

Salary: $107,000 (Indeed)

3. Peace Corps

If you like giving back to the society, then you can join the U.S. government’s Peace Corps program. As a member of the Peace Corps, you will travel to other nations and help the locals to understand various aspects of the American culture, including religious values and traditions. When you return home, you will also teach Americans about foreign cultures.

Salary: $57,000 (Indeed)

4. Religious Studies Teacher

With a bachelor’s degree in religion, you can be a perfect candidate for employment as a religious education teacher in elementary, middle and high schools. Your job will be to not only enhance your students’ understanding of a particular religion, but also impart religious values to them. Like other educators, you will also prepare for lessons, dispense discipline in a uniform manner and administer and grade examinations. In smaller schools, you may also have chaplaincy duties. Depending on you state’s requirements for teachers, you may need to obtain a teaching certificate to teach in public schools.

Salary: $54,000 (Indeed)

5. Religious Journalist

Another job you can secure with a bachelor’s degree in religion is that of a religious journalist. You will work for religious media organizations, and your job will be to cover various religious events and compile news reports. The job may also involve interviewing pastors and other members of the clergy to gather their opinion on various religious issues, including those that are controversial.

Salary: $44,000 (Indeed).

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These are just some of the top jobs for religion graduates. Others become Sunday school teachers, pastors’ assistants and religious event organizers.

Finally, be sure to secure membership in the American Academy of Religion to access its job board, as well as seminars and other career resources that can help you to get started.

Do you have any questions about any of these careers? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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