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6 Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision (without glasses or contact lenses)!

By wearing glasses or contact lenses your eyesight will only get worse

We need to make exercises for our eyes on a regular basis if we want to maintain them healthy, as eye muscles are like any other muscles in our body. another thing you should know is that wearing glasses or contact lenses will make your vision even worse over time instead of improving it.

Few people know that keeping their eye vision and function healthy is easy if they do just a few exercises. These exercises are made for strengthening the eye muscles, for improving the movements of the eye, for focusing and triggering the vision center of the brain.

Take a look at the pictures and try to do the exercises as shown.

1. Focusing

This exercise is concentrating on strengthening the eye muscles and maintaining the current vision level.

6 Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision (without glasses or contact lenses)!

– Sit in a chair or stand in front of a blank wall, and put your thumb or take a pencil in your hand and hold it at nearly ten inches in front of your face. Focus on the thumb or the pencil for about ten to fifteen seconds

– Next, try to focus on an object or item which is ten to twenty feet in front of you and do not move your head. Focus at it for ten to fifteen seconds as well

– Ten to fifteen seconds after the focusing on the distant object, focus back on the thumb or the pencil

– Repeat this five times

2. Zooming

The zooming is another great eye exercise for focusing as you have to constantly adjust how well you can focus on an object from certain distances.


– Take a comfortable position and stretch your arm out. Make sure your thumb is in the position for hitchhiking

– With your arm still stretched, focus on your thumb and gradually bring your thumb closer to you, focusing until your thumb is about three inches in front of your face

– Start distancing your thumb until your arm is fully outstretched

– Do this exercise in three series, once per week

– Instead of your thumb, you can also use a pencil for performing this exercise by holding the pencil in front of you at your arm’s length and then by moving your arm gradually to your nose. Hold your eyes on the pencil until you cannot focus on it anymore

3. Figure 8


– Before you start, imagine an enormous figure 8 on the floor, at about ten feet distance in front of you

– Gradually, begin tracing the figure with your eyes

– Trace the figure 8 clockwise for several minutes, and then counter clockwise for several minutes

4. Rhythmic eye movements

This exercise of rhythmic eye movements is made for making your eyes and your hand-eye coordination stronger.


– If you want to examine your brain’s ability to focus on an object with your eyes and to keep your balance and coordination, you can use bar swings. Stand in front of a fence or something similar which is also evenly spaced (it is recommended that the object is shaped in vertical lines) and focus on a distant object on the other side of the bars. Make sure your body is relaxed and transfer your weight from one foot to the other for three minutes.

– You can make your peripheral vision stronger with the help of round swings. You just need to focus on an object in the distance, but close to the ground, and sway as instructed for bar swings. Make sure that your gaze is still focused on the same object and observe your surroundings as you sway using your peripheral vision. Do this for two to three minutes.

5. Directional eye exercises

Another great exercise for your eyes is to move them in different directions.


– While you are doing this exercise, you need to be sitting upright or standing and looking straight ahead. Do not move your head and take a look to the left side, focusing on whatever you see. Then, do the same thing, only to the right side. Repeat this moving side to side five times, in three series.

– Do not move your head and look downwardly, focusing on whatever you see. Then, look up and focus on whatever you see there. Repeat the same procedure three times

– Do not move your head and look straight ahead. What you should do now is to look down to the left side. Concentrate your look on what you see there, and then move your eyes diagonally and look up to the right, again, concentrating on what you see. Repeat this procedure five times. Next, look straight ahead of you and repeat everything, just, this time, look down to your right side and then look up to your left side. Repeat this three times as well.

6. Palming

This exercise called palming is very beneficial to use it as a finish of the eye exercising and thus relax your eyes after the session. You can also finish your exercising session simply by closing your eyes and keeping them shut in a dark and quiet room for a couple of minutes. Make sure your eyes are cooled down and rested.


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