A Production Company Has Been Fooling the Internet With Fake Viral Videos

Source: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

Source: YouTube/Terry Tufferson

An Australian production company called the Woolshed Company spent the last two years creating videos with the intention of making them go viral. You may have seen some of these videos as they have garnered tens of millions of views and have had their authenticity debated by users in the comments.

One video featured a snowboarder outrunning a bear, while another featured a GoPro falling from a drone into the middle of the Burning Man dance floor.

A total of eight videos were made and now the company has admitted their fraud on their website.

“The content series was envisioned as a social experiment to explore the creation and distribution of ‘new media,’” the company writes.

In a new video they made about the experiment, they ask the question, “How much of the news should we believe?”

Woolshed’s videos duped a lot of the media and news shows. Their videos were seen in over 180 countries and viewed 205 million times of online.

“We set out to better understand exactly how to create short-form, highly sharable, ‘snackable’ content, that is capable of reaching worldwide mass audiences without the luxury of pricey media buys, ad campaigns, publicity strategies or distribution deals,” the company writes.

If anything can be taken away from this experiment, it’s that one should always question what they see. In a world filled with viral videos, it’s hard to determine what is real and what’s not.

Watch their explanation below!

Check out some of their fake viral videos!

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