Are You Sick Of Your Old And Sluggish Wi-Fi Router? This Gadget Can Give It A New Life

The old, sluggish Wi-Fi router at home is the most annoying thing ever! As the new internet standards continue to improve the internet speeds, users face an ultimate dilemma. Do they really have to spend more on the new AC router even though the older Wi-Fi router in not more than a few years old? The answer is No!


Image Source: Hawking Technologies


Hawking Technology recently introduced its latest gadget Hi-Gain 5GHz Wireless-AC Network Upgrade. The device upgrades your existing router so that it supports the new, faster speeds offered by the most recent internet standards.


Image Source: Hawking Technologies

HW5AC is plugged into an Ethernet port of your existing router and upgrade it to Wireless-AC Network. The new Wireless-AC standard has been introduced for the data-intensive internet use. Learn more about the useful gadget developed by the Hawking Technologies in this video:

HW5AC can also connect to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to ensure an ultimate internet browsing experience. You can see more images of the gadget below:


Image Source: Hawking Technologies


Image Source: Hawking Technologies


Image Source: Hawking Technologies

You can buy one for yourself here.

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