Cant Figure Out What Women Want? Ask Them and Find Out

ask_a_hottieAsk a Hottie is the new program built around asking one big question: What do hot girls have that guys dont? The answer, says Ask a Hottie, is a seductive sixth sense that tells them how to be sexy.

You know what guys need? Something like that.

Ask a Hottie is dedicated to teaching guys all the secrets women already know. These are secrets in the sense that the majority of men just dont realize most of this stuff. Women get hit on all the time, and after a lifetime of this they have become experts in knowing what kind of things guys do that turn them on and what kind of things only unfuckable assholes say.

So who would it make the most sense to take pick up advice from? The ladies, obviously.

Heres a little background information on the program. Ask a Hottie was born in a tanning salon, of all places. Some of the gorgeous ladies who worked at the salon tossed a few dating tips to their one male co-worker. This was a guy who was having zero luck with women. So, his co-workers took pity on him, gave him some of their secrets, and waited to see what would happen. In just a few days the loser they knew disappeared, replaced by a guy all of the ladies at the tanning salon were ready to fuck. When it got to the point that fights were breaking out over him, the ladies at the salon suddenly realized how powerful these dating secrets could be. They turned those secrets into Ask a Hottie.

So what do we think? Theres a lot to learn here. Most of the program focuses on building up your confidence, making sure that you know that it doesnt matter what you look like as long as you follow the tips, theyll work. Its just like if you take a look at the couples that you see on the street on any given day youll notice most of the time the top tier girls arent with the best looking guys. Its not about looks and its not about money, either. Theres something else going on here, says Ask a Hottie. Women can offer you their insight into the right things to say and do to guarantee hook ups with women you always thought were out of your league.

The takeaway is that if you want to meet girls, Ask a Hottie can show you what women want in the guys they sleep with. You may wind up trusting what Ask a Hottie says a little more than your average dating manual because its coming straight from the mouths of hot women who know what they want to hear from dudes.

Want to find out the tricks from the ladies themselves? Why dont you Ask a Hottie right now?

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