Chinese Drivers Are Using Scary Decals To Stop Other Drivers From Using High Beam

Curse the high beam drivers and their irresponsible driving behaviour. Other than giving a blinding headache, high beam headlights have also been associated with being the cause of many road accidents. It seems as though a certain Chinese company was equally disgusted by the practice, but instead of performing the usual “retaliatory antics” on the road, they came up with a genius solution.

Photos: Taobao

Photos: Taobao

This Chinese company has manufactured scary reflective decals featuring all sorts of horrific pictures such as ghosts, women with bloody mouths, yellow-eyed werewolves, vampires and monsters. which shine when a high beam driver approaches the vehicle. And the stickers have become an instant hit, and a host of e-commerce sites like Taobao are already selling them.

Photos: Taobao

Photos: Taobao

These scary decals are being sold for $3 – $18 on Taobao, the price depending on their size and the ease of application. And although the traffic police in Jinan, eastern Shandong province, has warned against these stickers and even applied a fine of 100 yuan ($15) for such decorations, this hasn’t deterred the drivers who are fed up with the high beam users.


Photos: Taobao

Photos: Taobao

However, no accidents caused by the scary decals have been reported so far, but sadly same cannot be said about the use of high-beam headlights, the count of which goes to several dozens according to the Chinese media.

Photos: Taobao

Photos: Taobao

Do you think this will be a good enough measure to discourage people from using high beams? Comment below!

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