Does She Bring Out Your NEEDY Side? (4 Fixes)

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of: Unlock Her Legs: How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

yawnIn the article below, we wanted to discuss one of the most critical elements to seducing that one girl you really want- your emotions.

Unfortunately, most guys emotions DO NOT act in their best interest when it comes to getting a girl (especially when you really like her.)

Youre emotions cause all kinds of mischief like making you act insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable… All things that MURDER attraction (and are, quite frankly, rather boring).

The reality is that when these emotions take over… its like it disengages your logical brain. And you start doing all the things you know you SHOULD NOT be doing…

Signs Youre Acting Needy

feeling a compulsion to call or text her

Unable to play it cool

blurting out your feelings too soon

making yourself too available

showing noticeable jealousy when she mentions other guys

showing too much disappointment when she cant hang out

Heres the worse part….

1320475_vbShe is going to TEST YOU to see how needy she can make you… (she does this subconsciously of course)… Its her way of screening out weak guys… ==>this video explains how to handle her tests

Shell cancel plans and pay close attention to how you react…

Shell forget to text you back to see how you handle it…

Shell challenge you on stuff to see how quickly you back down…

Heres a very simple example of a test… If youre listening to a certain type of music that you like she might say Do you like that? in a tone that expresses that she definitely doesnt.

How do you respond? Do you lie and say not really? Or Its ok

If so, youre TRYING HARDER. And the pendulum of power is tipped in her favor.

And she doesnt want that. She would much rather you look at her and say yea, this song kicks ass.

No girl wants a guy who wont defend himself. Even against her.

Heres the good news: You can correct this imbalance, and rather easily when you know exactly what to do.

You see, in this awesome video were going to unveil to you 4 somewhat odd, but extremely effective strategies you can begin using todaythat will ultimately put YOU in the POSITION of POWER (and eliminate your needy behavior).


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