Duffy Shelter Is A Tiny Flat-Pack Trailer Can Be Assembled Within An Hour Using A Screwdriver

Duffy Shelter is a compact, flat-pack truck that can be used for various purposes like emergency housing, providing first-aid support, or just camping around as you hit the road for your next adventure. However, the most appealing feature of the small flat-pack trailer is that it can be assembled under an hour using nothing but a screwdriver.


Image Source: Duffy London


The easy-to-setup flat-pack trailer is just the thing you need for your weekend getaway or to tackle an emergency situation. The design of the Duffy Shelter was put forth by Duffy London. The multi-use shelter combines practicality and accessibility.


Image Source: Duffy London

The compact, flat-pack design implies that 35 such Duffy Shelters could fit inside a standard van. The compactness also comes in handy when a mass number of shelters need to be transported to the affected areas. The ease of assembly and flexible design also allow the medical teams to use Duffy Shelters as first-aid camps.


Image Source: Duffy London

See more images of the compact shelter below:


Image Source: Duffy London


Image Source: Duffy London


Image Source: Duffy London


Image Source: Duffy London


Image Source: Duffy London

Duffy Shelters have been fashioned from sustainably harvested wood and come with a variety of finishes. The Duffy Shelters package containing the handmade structure also includes roof, walls, windows, floor, hatches, legs, and hinges. Duffy London does not produce Duffy Shelters in the trailer form, however, rigging up a mobile Duffy Shelter unit is not a big problem.

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