Emma Watson’s Ringtone Choice Is Better Than We Could Ever Imagine

Just when we thought that we couldn’t love Emma Watson any more, she goes and reveals her incredible choice of ringtone.

However, it wasn’t a deliberate leak of information that led us to learning that the Harry Potter star has great taste in music.

While being interviewed live on ITV’s show Lorraine , the star’s phone started ringing and blasting out the much-loved voice of Tina Turner.

While the majority of people openly declare their love to the legendary Turner on a daily basis, it seems a little more poignant coming from this British beauty.

As the ringtone started to play the camera crew caught Emma’s hilarious stunned and embarrassed reaction.

Eager to end the embarrassment she instantly grabbed for her phone and, to the viewers dismay, turned it off before the song could properly get going.

The interviewer reassured the actress by saying: “Ultimate respect, I think that is the best ringtone I have ever heard.”

Emma nervously laughed it off and replied: “I’m glad that I’m forgiven because it’s Tina Turner, otherwise that would have been terrible.”

No need to fret Watson, the whole world is applauding you for your taste in music right now and it has only made everyone love you that little bit more.

Watch this hilarious incident unfold in the video below.

Note: Fast forward to the 0:55 mark to see Emma’s hilarious reaction to her ringtone mishap.

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