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Ever Wondered What The ‘i’ Stands For In All Apple Products? Steve Jobs Uncovered The Mystery

We all are fans of Apple. Who wouldn’t be? With that sleek design and seamless performance, anyone can fall in love with Apple’s gadgets. It’s only a matter of time actually. Considering all the love it gets, isn’t it a surprise that not many are aware of what the ‘i’ in Apple product names stands for.Steve Jobs Explained What The ‘i’ Stands For 2

Quite bizarre, right? Do you know what it stands for? Chances are you don’t. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Steve Jobs explained it back in 1998 when the first ‘i’ product was launched, iMac.Steve Jobs Explained What The ‘i’ Stands For

As you’ll find out in the video, the ‘i’ stands for






Check out the video below!

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