Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Were having an early birthday picnic for Toby tomorrow (here are his past threeand his birth story), since his actual birthday falls over Memorial Day weekend. The weather forecast shows sun, so were hoping its accurate! Hope you enjoyed travel week (here are past travel weeks, if youre interested), and have a wonderful weekend. Here are a few fun links from around the web…

Would you get married at City Hall?

The beginning vs. the end of the school year. Made me laugh out loud.

How to get commercial girl hair.

The Vacationers also looks great. Writer Emma says: Im really proud of this book, and I think that you will enjoy it. Its funny and has some sex scenes and also lots of scenes of people eating tapas.

What causes the smell after rain?

Great idea for cupcakes.

How to be a boss.

My ideal weddings by age.

Everyone needs books.

Pretty pillows.

Paris, you should do this!

Missed Connections with a twist.

Chic earrings.

Things Parisians do that stun Americans. And vice versa.

(Photo of Point Bonita Lighthouse by Brian Flaherty)

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Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Have a Sweet Weekend.