Have You Seen Cheryl’s New Tattoo?

The former Girls Aloud singer is no stranger to being inked, you may remember when the photos of her rose tattooed situated on her derriere leading up her back went viral?

Well, Cheryl was showing off her latest inking at a Cannes bash last week and it’s a little more subtle that her rose tattoo.


Attending the bash with her beau Liam Payne of One Direction, Cheryl wore a plunging neckline playsuit, showing off the latest addition to her tattoo collection.


Cheryl and Liam attended the Chopard Trophy Event where they were both dressed to impress and it seemed as though Cheryl purposely chose her outfit to show off her tattoo.


She has adorned her skin with the Buddhist symbol Unalome which represents the path to enlightenment, which is quite fitting considering Cheryl has recently gone through quite a change in her life. Dropping her surname, announcing her divorce and getting into a new relationship.


Cheryl must have been itching to get another inking, as it wasn’t long ago that she posted another one of her newer tattoos to Instagram.


A small red heart on her middle finger, so it certainly appears as though she’s going for the more subtle and understated look with her latest inkings.

Cheryl has even got tattooed over existing tattoos. Going back five years, Cheryl’s back tattoo was a more more simple and less striking butterfly design, which was later covered over with the iconic rose tattoo.


She has clearly changed her style over the years and the style of her tattoos are no different. We wonder what she’ll go for next.

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