Holiday Parties Featuring Sartori Cheese

To piggyback on Friday’s post about my love for Wisconsin products, I thought I’d bring another one of my favorite products again to start out the week! If you follow me on Facebook then you know I am pretty obsessed with a good cheese plate. (I often post my favorite cheese plates.) Sartori Cheese makes some of my absolute favorite flavored cheeses, which are also perfect for holiday parties! They even make a peppermint cheese!

So let’s run through the components of a perfect cheese display:

  • Choose 2-3 cheeses. I typically go with a couple of hard cheeses mixed in with a soft cheese. Try different flavors to make sure you’re pleasing all of your guests!
  • Add in a nut. Cashews are my favorite but almonds work well with cheese too.
  • Crackers or bread are a must! Keep the flavors simple so that the cheese flavor isn’t covered up.
  • Add in a fruit spread. Go for fig!
  • Round it out with some dark chocolate. Don’t go cheap!
  • Oh yah, and always pair with wine.

There you go! Follow those rules and I guarantee that your party guests will assume you’re a cheese plate pro!

And now for the giveaway! Contest is now closed!

Today’s giveaway is a quick and easy one! Visit the Sartori website and in the comments below, tell me which of their cheeses you would most like to try. I’ll choose 1 winner to receive a Sartori Cheese BellaVitano Gift Basket!

Holiday Parties Featuring Sartori Cheese |

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