How Eric Holmlund Turned An Online Business Worth $40 Into Internet Gold

goldbarsBuilding a real business online takes a lot of work and dedication. Its not just something you can dip into and take money out, like petty cash. If you want to run a successful online business, you need to want it enough to invest both time and money into it. Thats what Eric Holmlund did and today hes one of the internets greatest success stories.

Hes got the hot wife, the house, the kids, the cars and millions in the bank. The dream, right? But youd be surprised to find out that Eric started this empire all with less capital than you probably have in your wallet right now.

Eric began his career online all the way back in 1999. He found that it was making him so much money that since 2003 hes been able to fully devote himself to working and helping people on the internet. His initial investment was just $40. To date he has made millions of dollars.

Heres how he did it. By promoting other peoples products on sites that didnt cost him anything to operate, Eric wound up receiving money for his time and effort. Its a business called affiliate marketing. You may have already heard about it. But what Eric did with the money that he made from his first paychecks is where his online career really took off. He reinvested it in more projects just like the one he was already running, and repeated that over and over again. All of those website making all of that money based on a nominal fee he paid one time just to get started.

In running those websites Eric proved that it doesnt necessarily take money to make money. Spending does not equal earning. Thats the kind of information that newbies to the field of internet marketing need to hear. Thats why Eric is sharing in his new project called No Cost Income Stream.

Partnering with other internet entrepreneurs Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman, Eric has created the fastest and easiest way for guys to get started with internet marketing without having to break the bank to do it. This instructional course shares everything that Eric and his partners know about making money online. Containing 26 separate modules with over 39 step-by-step videos that walk you through the process of staring an affiliate business that wont cost people a dime. Users learn how leveraging affiliate marketing profits can help cut out-of-pocket expenses from their business models. That means paying nothing while still extending the reach of a business to generate more revenue.

Its a profit-building formula proven to create success onlineEric Holmlund based his on it.

If you dont think that you have the cash to get started making money on the internet, think again. If Eric Holmlund could do it, you can do it. Try No Cost Income Stream for yourself and find out how.

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