Incredibly Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos You’ll Want To Get

When you think of tattoos, what do you usually imagine? Is it the old school black and white or greyscale tattoos? Or you do think of the traditional tattoos that are quite colorful but always stay within the lines? Or perhaps you think of silly tattoos of cartoon characters, or maybe your mind immediately jumps to images of Chinese dragons. The point is, there are a lot of tattoo styles, but most of them do require harsh lines. But there’s a style of tattoos that doesn’t – watercolor tattoos. These tattoos look much softer and, as the name suggests, they look like they’ve just been painted on by watercolors. So let’s take a look at some amazing examples of watercolor tattoos.

1. Here’s a great example of how you can combine your love of cats and watercolor tattoos. Aren’t those little paws just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

2. If you love traveling, a compass is always a great idea, and adding a splash of color makes it look even more exciting.

3. Here’s two variations of watercolor owl tattoos. As you can see the first one is more cartoonish and hazy, while the other one looks pretty realistic but with an artistic touch to it.

4. This is a great idea for creative people. The watch can represent that you don’t care about time as a concept and that being an artist is more important. The picture on the right is a great tattoo option for painters who don’t mind treating their body like a canvas.

5. Another brilliant idea for those who love travelling. All the colors represent how exciting and different our world really is.


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