Italian Man Builds An Entire Theme Park by Hand

Bruno Ferrin, an Italian restauranteur wanted to encourage children towards outdoor activities and more interaction with their ecosystem and mother nature. So he decided to create an astounding “ecological park” in Battaglia, Italy, which is fascinating and unique in every conceivable way!

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

The self-taught builder has created over 50 rides, all of which are hand-built swings. These include a multi-storey slide tower, an enormous revolving gyroscope, a hand-powered Ferris wheel, a trampoline and even a roller-coaster all powered without electricity. This park has taken over a period of 40 years of blood and sweat to build, and today it stands as a unique spectacle!

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Watch the Italy’s Handmade Amusement Park in the video below:


Ferrin began the park called “Osteria ai Pioppi” in a bid to attract more customers to his family restaurant. To create this amazing park, he learned how to weld and build structures all on his own using inspiration from nature.

He says in the video,

“I look at movements in nature: a branch that is moving, a bird that is flying, and then I get an idea.”

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

This park is one of its kind since everything works manually, and requires children to be more creative and physically active. None of the rides has any motors or engines. So you will have to play through sweat and grunts to make the magic happen!

Ferrin is intrigued by how this unique ecological park has brought kids and their parents together, and has resulted in his restaurant and the park being a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Best of all, the playground is free for all the Bruno’s inn or restaurant guests!

You can find out more on Osteria ai Pioppi’s website.

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

Pic Credits: thisiscolossal

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