LAX to Get a New Terminal Called 1.5

Users of Amazon’s voice response system Alexa will now be able to make some of their Expedia travel plans using the device as well. When the Expedia skill on the system is enabled, users can inquire about flights, hotel reservations, and price comparisons on rental cars.

Expedia’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi talked about linking about voice command and travel back in October at a conference.

“I think that the search experience — which is ‘please book me a hotel in New York, Midtown next week’ — I think the search and query experience is much better served through voice. The kind of questions that you start getting are going to be much broader, are going to be much more random, and are going to be much more complex and that, I think, creates a terrific opportunity for companies like ours to stand head and shoulders above some of the other companies.”

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