Mercedes Digital Headlights Can Project Street Signs And Markings On The Road

As the automobile companies compete with each other, we witness new and improved technologies being debuted each day. And one such technology is the experimental smart headlights introduced by many companies, which include the system that follows the eyesight of the driver and are designed to caution and light up potential hazards on the road.

Pic Credits: newatlas

Pic Credits: newatlas

Mercedes has looked to build on these concepts, as it announced a new set of conceptual lamps which can adapt to the light distribution in accordance with the environment, along with using two million pixels to project high-resolution visual aids on the road, like creating makeshift zebra crossings for pedestrians.

Pic Credits: newatlas

Pic Credits: newatlas

The new system has been called Digital Light, and also has the capability to adjust their individual brightness using the latest algorithms and the data assessed from the sensors, e.g. to avoid blinding a driver or a biker.


Pic Credits: newatlas

Pic Credits: newatlas

The Digital Light system is unique as it uses two million pixels to project different objects on the road, such as a hazard ahead or replacing missing markings or boards. It can also be connected with the navigation system and even be used to display directions on the road.

Pic Credits: newatlas

Pic Credits: newatlas

The headlights can also shoot out strips of light showing the precise width of the car, letting you know if you can squeeze your car through an extremely narrow gap.

Pic Credits: newatlas

Pic Credits: newatlas

The possibilities are endless with the concept, but realistically the technology is still a bit off from hitting the roads, although Mercedes claim that they have already tested the concept in a handful of demo vehicles!

Exciting times ahead! Check out this video for more details:

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