MIT And Google Design A Temporary Office Meeting Space That Drops Down From The Ceiling

The latest trends in office layout gravitate towards the open-plan office. Albeit promoting communication and the free flow of ideas among the employees, the open-plan offices make it just that difficult to hold a meeting in private.


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab


MIT and Google worked in collaboration to design the Transformable Meeting Spaces, a drop-down meeting crucible that affords you a private place to hold a meeting or discuss things without being constantly interrupted.


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab

The Self-Assembly Lab at MIT and Google teamed up to develop the innovative structure. The design allows for the structure to be pulled down from the ceiling. The Transformable Meeting Space encompasses a 10-foot-wide and 8-foot-tall space that can easily accommodate eight people. Once the meeting ends, the structure can be pushed up, and space may be cleared to return to the open-plan office.


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab


Image Source: Self-Assembly Lab

36 interconnected fibreglass rods form the shell of the retractable meeting space. The outside noise is minimised by the felt lining the inner side of the structure while the exoskeleton of the Transformable Meeting Space is made of plywood sheets. Check out the video below for more details:

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