People With These College Majors Get the Biggest Pay Raises

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We all want to live the dream, go to college, put ourselves in crippling debt, get a job, get a husband/wife, a house, have a bunch of kids and a big gas-guzzling car to haul them to soccer and lacrosse practice in, keep paying the crippling debt until our deep 50s (or 60s if you have a humanities degree). Let’s rewind for a second, no a little bit further back, yep, stop right there “go to college”. Many of us choose to pursue careers and disciplines that fulfill us, impassion us and excite us.

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Here’s something that might make you reconsider though: these are some college majors that get the biggest pay raises.



I am sciencing….begone liberal arts major!


As if you didn’t know that this list was going to start with a hard science. So, most people in the field of physics start at a respectable 55.500 dollars a year but once they hit that 10 year mid-career tier, their salary goes up by 91% or about 106.000 dollars a year…;not bad, Poindexter.


Yes, the same advertising mentioned in the hit series “Mad Men”. Advertising Men and Women (come on it’s not the 1950s anymore) start their careers at a paltry 41.300 dollars a year, but once they get ten years’ worth of “Old Fashions” under their belt, their average salary jumps up to an astounding 78.000 dollars a year. Not bad for someone that’s perpetually drunk…;oh right, you’ll have to be stone sober because advertising is a competitive, extremely stressful cut-throat industry today.

Advertising and Marketing Communications

essence digital agency

Essence Digital Agency


Sure when the humble copywriter starts out they might be relegated to a bleak cubicle farm, barely scraping together a measly $41.500 a year but, stick with it kid, because once you hit that 10 year mid-career mark you’ll be depositing a nice healthy $80.400 a year into your bank account. Even if most of it goes to paying off your student loans you still get a fat paycheck.

Biological Sciences

biological scientist


Yes, the same biological sciences that Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll dabbled in. Well, if these two nice (I use the term loosely of course) doctors stuck with their love of the biological sciences they could have potentially increased their starting salaries of 41.400 dollars a year to almost double the amount- $81.500. I guess that’s what you get when you try to resurrect the dead or try separating the evil part of your personality with potions. Lesson learned.


I’m just as shocked as you are. Yes your local weather-person has more earning potential than you do. Not only will your starting salary jump up from $45.300 to a cool $89.500 a year, but meteorology is the only job were you can be consistently wrong and never get fired. You said sunny and mild you bastard!! Oh, you also get the added benefits of green screen shenanigans.

Theater and Drama Studies


Sorry theater majors, no matter what you do this is how the world perceives you.


Yes, this is about as shocking as someone telling me that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is a three legged Clydesdale horse but in fact art administrators, drama therapists and theater directors see an exponential jump in their salary if they stick with it and don’t sell out for an office job. Sure you might start out in the “industry” at an anemic $37.800 but if you suffer for just a decade for your craft you have the potential of making $75.000 annually.

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If you arestill deciding what to do with your life check out the original article at but honestly, it’s kind of sad that you haven’t figured out life yet as a 35 year old. If you like to add to the list let us know what other majors you think have huge earning potential in the comment section below.

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