Put a spark into the annual routine and explore Christmas vacations for singles

With Christmas coming up, it is easy to fall into the yearly routine. We all have traditions and customs of the holidays we practice without thinking. For most people, this is comforting. For others, it can be monotonous. If this is how you feel, we have a suggestion – solo travel: an excellent way to refresh the annual Christmas routine.

If you want to avoid the sluggish winter days and enjoy the movement of travel instead, this website offers vacations designed around single holidays during Christmas time. If you are spending the holidays alone, willingly or unwillingly, travel is the best way to add a spark of excitement to a lazy time of the year.

However, Christmas is an intrinsically communal holiday. It bases itself on the enjoyment of company and the gratitude of people. Group vacations allow solo travellers to enjoy singleton yet still embrace the spirit of the holidays.

Christmas vacations for singles – which one will you choose

The only difficulty is deciding the right one for you. There are many available and many opportunities. We have helped to narrow it down for you. So read ahead to find your dream Christmas vacation.


This website has a perfect balance. It recognises the differences that can come with age, without being too restrictive. There are only two categories based on age – over 20, and over 50. These holidays do differ from each other, through activity and preferences. In the end, age truly is just a number. If those over 40 want to join in the younger holidays, they have that option.

Senior options are less active and more relaxed. Younger ones give more options to be adventurous and independent. Both offer great places to have fun with people of similar mindsets, allowing you to meet friends for life.

Single Women Travel

There are also many options for single women travel. These Christmas vacations embrace the opportunities of solo travel through the support of other travellers. The category means you can get to know those you relate to, through similar interests and life situations. Another perfect balance. The energy, excitement and challenge of traveling alone. The support, fun and laughter of a group.


For Christmas vacations for singles, the website offers three destinations: France, Germany and UK. European countries are beautiful places to spend Christmas. The continent hosts some of the best winter markets in the world. The charming, cobbled streets of the cities add to the cosy mystery of dark evenings. The snowy locations are perfect for winter getaways.

Our advice is to make a wish list. Have you always wanted to experience the famous Christmas markets of Germany? Or enjoy the warmth of a pub evening in the UK? Or wanted to see the castles and coastlines of France in the quiet splendour of winter?

You might know which country you want. But do you know what you want to do once you get there? Organisers plan guided vacations, and they usually revolve around a specific theme. There are detailed itineraries under the information for each holiday. So consult your wish list and make sure you choose the right one for you before committing.


You know you want to visit France. Would you rather relax in the French Rivera or advance your skiing skills? Rather travel around the country or stay and soak up a single place?

One great option is the 20 Days Senior Singles Holiday in Europe, which gives a chilled, luxurious overview of European culture. It starts in the beautiful capital of France, Paris. From here, you tour around the mountains of Austria and Switzerland. Then you head onto the city breaks of Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. You even get the unique opportunity to enjoy NYE in Paris. The trip bases around city tour buses, stunning train rides, romantic dinners and historical information.

In opposition, there is the cheaper and more active option of a weeklong ski holiday in the Alps. These happen all year round. However, they can be especially fantastic as a way to embrace Christmas in style.


The magic of Germany is alive during Christmas time. One way to embrace is it taking the 10 Days Germany and Austria Christmas Tour for Singles. It is basically an elaborate tour of German markets. All enjoyed while exploring the whole country.

From the artsy and interesting eastern cities of Berlin and Leipzig, with a buzzing nightlife and a rich creative scene. To the classic Bavarian experience with its traditional customs and some of the best markets in the world. Embrace all the national stereotypes – including trying the famous Nürnberger Bratwürste. There is space for freedom, with some free days. There are also many activities designed around integrating the group and allowing travellers to get to know each other.


For Christmas vacations for singles in the UK, there are two fab options. One is a 5 Days Welsh Christmas and Singles Holiday. This one revolves around older solo travellers wanting to spend the holidays in the beautiful natural scenery of Wales. Do you want to relax by the sea and allow the sound of the waves to wake you up on Christmas day? It’s the one for you. Enjoy it, surrounded by the culture and excitement of new places.

For a more active option, there is the 4 Days Christmas Singles Walking Holiday in the Shropshire hills of England. It is the perfect alternative to the lazy days after Christmas. Instead, it offers the opportunity to embrace the fresh and beautiful landscape left quiet after the Christmas period.

Simply doing things is always the best way to get to know people. Sharing beautiful moments and beautiful views initiates a strong connection with those around you. Plus there is always a warm cup of tea waiting at the bottom.

Interested in shaking up the standard Christmas routine? Take a look, and find your ideal holiday from the many Christmas vacations for singles.

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