The Best Emojis For Sexting With A Girl

sextingYour ordinary text conversation just took a turn for the dirty. What are you supposed to do next? Emojis can say a lot without saying anything at all. Some of them, when you look at them the right way, are downright filthy.

Here is a list of some of the best emojis for sexting with a girl.

fireThe Flame

Youre hot. Thats what this emoji says. Use in combination with some of the other items on this list and it can either turn someone on, or make it seem like you have some kind of a rash. Beware.

eggplantThe Eggplant

This is universally recognized as the emoji to use for your dick. Other people may go with the banana, the rooster, or the mushroom, but for us theres nothing that quite says boner the way the eggplant/aubergine emoji does. Its not just shaped with a grossly suggestive curve, it also has that certain blood-flushed purple look that tells the person youre sexting your true feelings.

fingercircleDoing It Fingers Combo

Ah, the pointing finger and OK gesture. Its been a stand-by since you were a kid to represent doing it. Using this emoji combo can make your intentions explicitly clear in a way that will make her laugh. This can come off as a little bit immature if youre sexting with a classy lady though. Use with caution.

tongueThe Tongue

Tongues are sexy. Thats why this emoji can come in handy. Use this for panting, licking, or Frenching. Or if you really want to make her happy this is your go to emoji to use in conjunction with the next item on this list.

peachThe Peach

Its a peach. And it is probably the best way to represent her most intimate of areas. Some people use this as a stand in for butt cheeks, but we like to keep things simple around here.

sweatFinishing Up

How you finish off your conversation is really up to you. It can be as simple as the relieved smiley face, as explosive as the volcano emoji, or as filthy as the water droplets pictured here. It depends on you as much as it depends on who youre talking to. But while were talking about them, those water droplets can be used in lots of different situations and combinations. Be creative, but be careful.

eiffeltowerBonus: The Praying Hands?

Now youre really confused. The praying hands could be really awkward to use in a sext but this one is all about context. Really like what you and your sext partner just did? Say thanks by giving a high five with this emoji. Or, if you want to bring your sexy chat to a really dirty place, use this emoji to reference an Eiffel Towerboth a famous landmark in Paris, France and something that can go down in a threesome.

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