The Mill Blackbird Shapeshifting Car Can Take The Shape Of Any Car

If you think that someone would be willing to part with more than $2.5 million for an incredible supercar without seeing it first, you need to think again. So how do they do it in the commercials when the model of the new car is not out yet?


Image Source: The Mill


Pete King, executive producer at The Mill explains how the issue is tackled. The Mill Blackbird is a vehicle that employs an intelligent combination of clever design and post-production effects to make the Blackbird look like virtually any car on your TV screen.

“What we at The Mill do is we take vehicles and in CGI and computer and post production and we can create new ones on top of ones that don’t even exist yet.”

You can see more images of the Mill Blackbird below:


Image Source: The Mill


Image Source: The Mill


Image Source: The Mill


Image Source: The Mill


Image Source: The Mill

Last year, Bugatti wanted to tease the follow-up to Veyron, christened Chiron. The only problem was that the car had yet to me manufactured! So, Bugatti turned to the SLGH, the special effect artists who truly are wizards of their trade. The producers used Mill Blackbird rig-like technology to create a model of CG for the promo video.

Given that Chiron is a follow-up version of Veyron, the special effects team filmed Veyron covered in tracking markers. This allowed them to produce an excellent video with a CG version of the car imposed upon it flawlessly.

See the promo video below:

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