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The World’s Filthiest Places


“The dirtiest has to be Ghana! En route from Agege to Accra about 3-5 miles, the last part, approx. half a mile, the stench of human faeces, is, for the unseasoned ‘roughing it’ traveller, difficult to endure, let alone the 4 or 5 star patrons. It was evident great pipes were filling into the sea.

I was invited to a celebration party, for positive remembrance – an anniversary of someone’s death. There was music, dancing, beers and then I had to make an exit for the loo. On arrival, two people were sitting outside selling squares of loo paper. Inside, rows of cubicles some with doors, many without, but all full of faeces. Thought a few horses had climbed the stairs of the pubic toilets.”


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