This is What Every Meeting You Have Ever Been to Looks Like [Video]

In meetings, we all have roles to play. When you’re in a meeting what role do you play! Do you care more about how long a meeting is going to take than your own children? Well, then you must be the time Nazi. Just like every management team likes to waste time with meetings, so do employees. But what happens when meetings start to really disrupt work? Apart from the fact that meetings have reportedly become the biggest time wasters in the workplace, most employees also hate them.

Perhaps this is why participants often turn up late, don’t contribute as much as they should and even play with their phones. This video from Tripp and Tyler shows exactly how employees feel about having to participate in meetings. It presents different types of employees and how they behave in meetings. For example, there is always one employee that comes up with the silliest ideas.

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Check out this video to find out what every meeting you have ever been to looks like. Let us know if you agree in the comments section below…;

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