This Quadsaw Drill Attachment Cuts Perfect Square Holes In Walls In No Time

This tool might not be for the average Joe, but it sure is handy for the construction workers and repairers. Quadsaw is a highly focused tool which can help you cut square or rectangular holes in plaster walls. It might be just one more addition to the long list of tools that can be used exclusively for one particular job such as the fork seal driver, the chain tool and the two-foot torque wrench etc. but for the handymen and the builders, this tool can come as a blessing.

(Credit: Quadsaw)

(Credit: Quadsaw)

Quadsaw is made specifically for the purpose of cutting square and rectangular holes in plaster walls. This application means it is extremely handy and efficient in installing power points, light switches and other electrical bits and pieces in the walls.

(Credit: Quadsaw)

(Credit: Quadsaw)

Quadsaw is connected to the end of a drill, which can then be used to drill squares or rectangles using its highly specified four straight cutting blades. The tool has been given a holistic touch, entailing a height gauge to measure the height on which you are cutting the square, and a built-in spirit level helping you to keep the square from turning into a parallelogram.


(Credit: Quadsaw)

(Credit: Quadsaw)

According to the company, electricians need to cut nearly 200 million square holes in walls per annum in the United Kingdom alone. This means that using the Quadsaw will help and making this time-consuming process a lot smoother and faster, cutting down the labour cost and saving the British building industry a whopping UK£320 million per year.

(Credit: Quadsaw)

(Credit: Quadsaw)

The tool is priced at an amazing UK£199, and when compared with the costs it saves, it looks like a total bargain. You can pre-order it at

Watch the video below to find out more!

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