Tom Hiddleston Gave The Most Awkward Interview About Taylor Swift

As we all know after being bombarded with endless pictures of the couple – it seems that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are actually the real deal…;


But, although we might have seen their relationship blossom, we’ve never actually seen an interview about their romance…;well, until now.

Hiddleswift have been followed by paparazzi on their latest getaway to Australia and just when Tom thought it was safe to go for a run, he was followed endlessly by the hungry paps (bad idea Hiddleston).

Not only was there paparazzi, reporters had also been waiting religiously outside their hotel for an exclusive scoop, and just when this plucky journalist thought she was going to get one, Tom made the whole conversation completely painful.

First of all, the reporter asked the British actor, “How’s Taylor enjoying the Gold Coast?’ to which Tom awkwardly replied “Um…;I…;er…;I’m…;I’m not going to answer that if that’s alright.”

tom 1

That face says it all! He was then asked: “What are you and your girlfriend looking forward to doing on the Gold Coast?” to which he responded: “I don’t know. It’s just good to be back.”

tom 2

Keeping it all quite coy, aren’t you Tom?! But the best question this reporter asked was intact: “Is Taylor Swift ‘The One’?” which definitely made the 35-year-old hunk squirm! He replied: “I’d rather just talk about my work, if that’s alright.”

tom 3

Well, it looks like we’re not getting anything out of him. Luckily we were able to document another encounter at the airport when the couple touched down in Australia. One reporter asked if the whole relationship was for publicity and the couple simply looked at each other and smirked, which tells us that they definitely know all about the controversial rumour that has been circulating the internet!

Take a look at the painfully awkward interview and decide for yourself – is Hiddleswift real, or is it all some massive PR stunt?…;

What do you think?

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