Top Signs Youre In The Friend Zone Dude

friendzoneNo matter what you dospending time with her, talking to her on the phone, making funny comments on her Facebook posts, buying her stuffyou just cant seem to get her interested. So you tell her how you feel, how you really feel: the two of you should be together. And then she says it. I think were really good just being friends. You just found outprobably way too late for your own goodthat youve been stuck in the friend zone. Thats not always an awful place to be, unless you happen to be totally in love with the lady who put you there. She probably thinks youre a great guy, that is, for anyone else but her. Here are some ways to tell if she thinks the two of you are just friends before you share your feelings and embarrass yourself.

She Needs Something Again

When she calls its usually not just to say hi, or to let you know about anything important that is going on in her life, and definitely not to ask about you. She usually calls when she needs a really big favor. Could you come with her to this party so she doesnt have to go alone? Thats not a date. Can you drop her off at the airport, nobody else could do it? Its not because she wants you to be the last person she sees before she leaves. Youre a good friend, so youll do these things, but that doesnt mean youre getting any closer to her by obliging.

She Treats You Like a Prop

Now this is the worst part. You get hugs in all the pictures you take. You get to carry her bags for her if you guys go shopping. She may even ask you to go out on dates with her. But thats as close as you get to fulfilling the role of boyfriend.

She Never Gets Back to You

Youre always trying to get her attention so you keep in touch all the time. You call, you text, you comment on her posts on the internet. She never seems to get back to you that fast, especially when you call. If she ever does reply to your compliments its usually something like Awww thanks!the kind of reply that is telling you she thinks youre sweet and not sexy. If this is always happening, she may not have just put you in the friend zone, she may actively dislike how much you are trying to get a hold of her.

She Met This Great Guy

There is no clearer sign that you are not a romantic interest for her than if she talks to you about other guys she likes. No, shes not trying to play games and make you jealous, she actively thinks other men are more attractive and sexual than you are. Stop. Here.

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How To Escape The Friend Zone
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