Twitter Reacts Hilariously to Tim Duncan’s Retirement



After 19 illustrious seasons and five championship rings, Tim Duncan announced his retirement from the NBA Monday.

“The Big Fundamental,” long recognized as the greatest power forward of all time, exemplified excellence, consistency, and leadership. Already, the sports world and the internet alike has had many different reactions to Duncan’s announcement.

Many are taking this opportunity to show their appreciation for the star, but others are (thankfully) having some fun with this occasion, which is ironic, as Duncan, like his head coach Gregg Popovich, rarely cracked a smile throughout his career. Check out some of the reactions:

Some people aren’t taking the news very well…;

Tim Duncan fact: He is also a true fashion pioneer.

I mean, who else would take a MVP picture dressed like this?

I’m sure the Spurs organization, though grateful, can’t be too pleased with the news.

Duncan: “I have five rings, I do what I want!”


Hmmm, good point…;

Don’t give Tim Duncan your crappy Gatorade.

Get the tissues ready…;

The old make way for the new.

Thank you, Tim Duncan!

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