Watch How This Russian Man Fixed His Wrecked Car Door In The Most Creative Way

While magicians only give the illusion of making the impossible happen, artists actually do it as a part of their work. They have an incredible ability to create wonders out of thin air, and boy we have spotted one for you today.

Pic Credits: boredpanda

Pic Credits: boredpanda

This guy in Russia had his front car door fairly wrecked when a truck hit it. While most of us would have taken the car straight to the body shop, the “artist” inside him made him so something amazing.

Pic Credits: boredpanda

Pic Credits: boredpanda

He lives in the region of the Altai Republic near Kazakhstan and Mongolia, so instead of getting a new door or fixing this one, he took a permanent marker pen and started painting over the terrible sight of the dented door into a detailed map of the region!


Pic Credits: boredpanda

Pic Credits: boredpanda

Pic Credits: boredpanda

Pic Credits: boredpanda

It was revealed afterwards that the truck driver did pay for the damage, and the Russian owner plans to get the door replaced soon enough. But this amazing work of art makes us wonder what a spectacle he would produce if he paints the entire car!

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