What Surprises American Tourists When They Visit China

These days, when most Americans think of Russia, they picture its stone-faced President Vladimir Putin. The country has long had an odd place in the American subconscious. It began as a tenuous ally and soon developed into one of the United States’ most fearsome enemies. Along the way, the Russian people have carved a place in history, art, and culture that is distinctly their own. Take one look at a Russian Cathedral or read a few pages of a Russian novel and you’ll learn quickly that the country is operating from a much different perspective. That’s what makes parts of the country so cool (and other parts straight up terrifying). In their adherence to their own values, the Russian people have come up with some simply crazy facets of their culture that will shock and amaze you.

1. It’s Illegal to Teach Children About the Existence of Gay People

Thanks to some recently passed laws, you could be looking at harsh fines and jail time for talking about homosexuals in public.

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